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The access door to the world of micronization


From Jetpharma and Microchem’s intent to provide a new and innovative consulting in the field of micronization services.

The general approach aims at supporting customers during each processing step and, above all, at immediately gathering their peculiar needs and characteristics.

MUnit is the access door to the world of micronization, a networking of expertise acquired by Jetpharma and Microchem through years of experience and comparison with the most different needs of every kind of clientele, ranging from the medium-sized contractor to nationally well-established and sound companies, from R&D departments to productive plants.

Our mandating system focuses on two main aspects.

First, the accurate respect of the contents and time-plan; second, it aims at constantly observing the specific needs, in a welcoming and dedicated atmosphere.

MUnit daily operates for the pharmaceutical sector, which is one of the most process-improvement oriented markets, for example with the creation of guidelines that allows managing the complexity of the various production processes. These guidelines are also the core of some dedicated abilities in order to profile the production quality’s value also in the form of activities that have to be part of the planning of the process itself.

Therefore, MUnit can support with its own know-how, within the sphere of the micronization service, those customers using the DoE/QbD approach for their processes.

We are ready to provide a forty-year expertise in the field of micronization services.

We are willing to listen to requests and gather nuances and, above all, we have a very huge vision of the possible answers and solutions.

Finally, we are trained to the solution finding of requests and problems: MUnit was specifically created with this purpose, gaining from the strong support of two great companies.

To the success in total safety


Mr. Maurizio Schiavazzi
Commercial Director


Mr. Giovanni Frigerio
Technical Director


Ms. Katia Zocca
Customer Care


Via Crocicchio Cortogna 6
CH-6900 Lugano


T. +41 (0)91 910 30 80