JETPHARMA invests in new equipment

JETPHARMA, micronization partner of MUNIT, has just completed the renewal and enlargement of its QC Lab. New lab areas have been created and new instruments of analysis installed​ ​, this will increase the in house capacity for both internal and external analytical request. This renovation is part of 2017 plan of investments, decided by Martinoli’s Family (private ownership of JETPHARMA) in 2016 together with other technological ​​implementation ​already in progress in other areas and departments. JETPHARMA is a white little pearl among the giants of the pharmaceutical industry, investing part of revenues to valori​ze​ ​its structure, as well as the knowledge and professional training of its employees, to increase safety measures and expertise; this aptitude can only translate in a healthy growth and the determination to remain always on the top level of this sector. The long term​​ and farseeing development plan finds solid base into the tradition of a 30 years old Company, economically independent and aware of its potential and of the place JETPHARMA gained in the leadership, granting its clients and employees continuity, loyalty, certitude, but also change and enhancement.