Key Factor

We are a pure service provider that is not in competition with its customers.

Proprietary Technology

We constantly improve the technology of our in-house designed mills which generates a precise scalability and maximizes the micronization yields.

Lead Time

We provide a smart management of the projects evaluating the overall duration of the critical path in order to save time by accomplish customer´s needs.


We accommodate the needs of our customers adapting the day-to-day shifts with the willingness and ability to readily respond to changing circumstances and expectations.


We support our customers in their R&D process with our knowledge in particle size engeeneering.


The company, firmly in the hands of the founder’s second generation, continues along the path of complete independence from any conflict of interest towards its clients.


We guarantee a full confidentiality to our customers which rely on our service for their own compounds.


We consider our expertise and experience as basic concept for a long-lasting partnership with our customers.

High-end Technology

Whether a new drug candidate or generic product, Highly potent API or excipient, we offer customized solutions for a broad range of particle size reduction and measurement services using innovative technology.

Business Continuity

We are aware of the importance of the value chain for our customers and the needs of patients. For these reasons we are able to guarantee continuity of service thanks to our two production sites.